17 Day Dieting

I agree with an earlier poster you guys are approaching this in way too complicated of a style.
If going to a gym lifting etc is a first time thing for many of you then I would suggest that you ease into an exercise program, and dont all of a sudden do a multitude of different things.  I’ve seen many people decide to lose weight gain muscle then quit after a week because they start a really aggressive program and can’t keep it up because its too demanding. Learn more about 17 Day Diet at http://mikesthoughts.drupalgardens.com/content/fasting-17-day-diet and  http://sundowndivers.org/?p=70
In general the philosophy for weight loss / muscle gain is very simple.
Weight loss: Eat less than you burn.  Simple as that, to lose body fat you have to have a calorie deficit.  A pound of fat roughly equals 3500 calories, so if you want to lose a pound a week you have to burn this many calories, you can do it through 17 day dieting, through exercise, or through a combination of both according to http://dietcruncher.com/
Personally I suggest people go on a lifting routine.  That way you not only burn calories but you also build muscle which in the long run is very beneficial because more muscle = more calories burned.  Muscles = engines of the body so the bigger engine the more fuel consumed helping you keep that fat off in the long term.
Also what you eat is another good angle to consider.  17 day dieting is not deprivation its really all about choice.  You like hamburgers?  Fine but make sure the beef is extra lean, the bread is whole wheat, ditch the ketchup and mayo for a nice dijon mustard, add some spinach mushrooms and onions and BAM you have a  healthy nutritious meal.
Remember not all calories are equal.  A slice of  whole wheat bread is better for you calorie per calorie than a slice of white bread. I just want to look good naked in bed. I dont right now because I don’t have a six or eight pack which woman love.
Finally with eating I would spread out my meals.  Have 6-8 300-500 calories meals per day spread out every two hours.  It helps with digestion, metabolism, etc.
If anyone wants a detailed 17 day diet/workout program PM me.
A few ways the plan is great:- gives you powerfoods – foods you should eat more of and try to add more of each into meals- is about trying to avoid certain foods, not cutting them out completely- eating often – 3 meals and 3 snacks a day- based on the fact that more is less. more nutrition and moderate exercise = more muscle = less fat- it’s not just about losing weight/fat but also the emphasis is on foods that will help your health as well- includes structured cheating
I can’t recommend this book enough. So recently I bought the book and DVD “The Abs 17 day diet” created by editor of Men’s Health Magazine David Zinczenko. I haven’t applied it yet because it sounds like it will not work unless you have the genetics for them in the first place i.e one or both of your parents already has genetically nice abs in the first place.