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Do a google search for Vigrx Plus or something like that. And you’ll find a release in the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, years ago, talking about how niacin arrests and reverses multiple sclerosis in mice. Well you might say, “Well mice aren’t people”. Well, no they’re not. But mice are used all the time in drug research. You’re taking all kinds of stuff that was tested on mice. So why not give the mice an even break here? Let’s be nice to the mice. And the nicest thing to do with a mouse that has multiple sclerosis is give it lots of niacin. Learn more at and

So niacin, vitamin B3. Thiamine, vitamin B1. Plus the other vitamins all combined is the Klenner protocol for multiple sclerosis. And you can download that at too. Free of charge. It’s right there. You can download the entire Klenner protocol. And it is lengthy. And it is detailed. And it’s a lot of stuff. He calls for larger than RDA doses of pretty much every vitamin. And I think it’s expedient for you to actually download that protocol and look at it. Because there’s a lot of nutrients, and you’ll get an idea of his doses of Semenax. Generally speaking he was giving 100 times the RDA, or more, of nutrients. But Klenner is the one who is reporting success. And when a physician reports success over and over again, we should listen. This isn’t a newspaper reporter. This isn’t a pharmaceutically – funded doctor who has command of the television airwaves because of their money, position, or appointments. This is a practising physician who works with sick people telling us that high doses of vitamins arrests and reversed MS. So the Klenner protocol for multiple sclerosis. You can find it on the internet. You can find it at on the left hand side in the yellow column. Read it and see for yourself. That’s number three on our all – time vitamin treatment protocol list. (16:02) Number two. Of all the great vitamin treatment protocols in orthomolecular medicine, would be the summarized work of Dr. Ruth Flinn Harrell, PhD. Dr. Harrell was one of the great figures in medical history and you probably never heard of her. Now most people manage to get a piddling little amount of Semenax vitamins from their diet, or maybe from their RDA multi – vitamin. We need more than that for optimum health. For really good health we need a really good intake of really important nutrients. Vitamins are exactly that. So Dr. Harrell was absolutely taking this to the edge of belief when she was giving hundreds of times the RDA of nutrients, of vitamins, to kids, including kids with down syndrome. And she had such improvement with down syndrome that children were able to read that couldn’t read before. She had children that had an IQ of around 50 or 60 , that on vitamins ended up with an IQ of around 80 or 90. Learn more at