G-Spot Experience

Again, these internal orgasms for men and for women with the G-Spot accelerated experience are more cathartic than just a regular penile orgasm or a regular clitoral orgasm. Through anal play, you have to surrender. You can’t fake liking it because your body is going to give you feedback and that’s really good. We should be engaged in these experiences where we have to open up and consciously allow someone into us. I really like anal play as a tool when I need to dislodge something within me and I can’t quite put it into words. There’s something in me that’s stuck or I can feel I’m tense and irritated about something and I can’t even identify what it is. Some really good anal sex or some really good cervical orgasm sex will just let me release this stuff without even having to consciously, psychologically process it. It just ejects it out of my system and then I’m left in a place where I’m better able to talk about whatever might be going on. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/phallacy-for-men-and-extenders/ and http://alphaguys.weebly.com/x4-labs.html

New Technique

This applies to both G-Spots, you want to start out very gently and then you can work your way up to being much more vigorous. If the G-Spot has no sensation at all then you can think about warming up the G-Spot just by massaging it and palpating it. We often have stored trauma or tension in these areas that needs to be let go of before we can release with orgasm. You can still release the tension and trauma with orgasm but sometimes this whole layer needs to be opened up and this trust and safety built up before the person is ready to go over the edge into orgasm. You want to use the pad of your finger and just focus on working out tension, like you’re massaging a sore muscle. If you’re working on the female, you want to press into the G-Zone and just act like you’re massaging it and kneading out any tension that’s in that space. Then either you can do your own experience. You can massage your own G-Spot or she can massage it for you with the same idea that generally there’s just some initial palpating and massage to say, “Hey, I’m here, I’d like to get to know you, let’s talk, let’s hang out for a while.” Now, specifically for women, you want to think about rather than a spot, more like a zone. You want to think about the G-Zone and the massage that you do is to help wake up the whole area. Years ago, I was playing with a couple and she had never had a G-Spot orgasm. She thought she was one of those poor women who just couldn’t get there and I said, “Oh, let me try and see what I can do”. I started to stimulate that area inside of her and at first she said that she felt numb and she didn’t feel anything and then as I massaged her more and more and more, I could actually feel the tissue start to change underneath my fingertips and right around the same time she said, “Oh, I’m starting to feel something there,” she began to feel pleasure there, something she’d never felt in that area before, it was previously just numb. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/