Misled By Pheromones

And it’s true that people can sometimes be misled by pheromone usage, by what most people think– but it’s also important to remember that there are people who really do understand how pheromones work. So it makes sense, even as you are allowing yourself to let go of the child’s fears, and to embrace the intensity and excitement and fulfillment of a woman’s experiences with human pheromones, to just let yourself imagine a roomful of people– people like you, people like the people who can feel the energy of a powerful man, and know this is for you– fierce, confident, glamorous women who can surround you, surround us, and admire us, approve and admire your ability to walk confidently through the doorway, becoming the woman you are meant to be .” Check out pheromones at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/10/19/090402“In doing this, in going over this, in doing this, from every angle, with me, from my perspective, there’s a particular magic in recognizing how much of what a powerful, confident, sensually healthy woman decides to do actually speaks to the deep unconscious minds of all the women watching– because they may say or think one thing or another to themselves or to each other, but on a deeper level, the deepest, wisest, healthiest, most erotic pheromone oils and sensual parts of every woman are feeling, and knowing, and accepting, and taking inside and even more deeply feeling that she is meant to be an adventurous woman, a woman with the energy you are allowing yourself to find inside you and strengthen and now become.” Having read about Technique X above, please do the following: 1 . use pen and paper to physically sketch an icon to represent it 2 . get up and stretch 3 . picture your icon– your Reminding Design– of what you are learning 4 . while picturing it, walk around the room or the environment 5 . play-act, in an intense, exaggerated way, the experience of being surprised, and having something just pop out of your mouth 6 . deliver X 7 . intensely reinforce and congratulate yourself for successfully doing X 8 . repeat steps 3-7 at least three more times The point is not to attempt to read-as-fast-as-you-can, but to Do, and Do, and Do… until you just happen to find, through Doing, that you actually Know . The Energetic Usage of pheromones, and The Rapport Field [ 2) and therefore subtly threatening and repellent. The solution is to treat the process of relaxation as a kind of muscle, one that has to be built up; you have to become more and more aware of how much more your body can relax, and then deepen and extend and amplify that physical relaxation. 3) The other part of “Good Energy” is a mental function: Consistently anticipating and sorting for pleasure, beauty, and reward. 4) The last big chunk is the driver for the ” Energetic Column” technique, and is as follows: Paradoxically, you can emanate magnetic Good Energy via radical dissociation . Basically… a) put your body in a relaxed state, with slightly bent knees; b) soften your gaze, so you go into Soft Eyes; c) imagine leaving your body, and then steadily watch yourself from a distance; d) still dissociated from your body, watch serenity, pleasure, the expectation of pleasure, etc., gently pass through your body, over and over again. Learn more at http://adorablereligio49.jimdo.com/2016/10/15/chikara-pheromone-cologne-for-men/andhttp://markalexander.over-blog.com/2016/10/my-chikara-pheromone-experience.html