more pleasure and become more orgasmic

Breath is a basic element that enables you to experience more pleasure and become more orgasmic. Breath is powerful. It carries oxygen and energy into the body and when it’s released, it carries stress out of the body. It can charge you up and rejuvenate you or relax and pacify you. Breath grounds you in your body and makes you more aware of your emotions. Traditional yoga includes many exercises called ‘Pranayamas’ that combine breath, energy and mental focus. These exercises allow the yogis to charge their body with energy and raise their level of consciousness. Self-reflection: Sit comfortably and take a deep breath. Then take another breath. Notice if your chest and shoulders rise. Notice if your belly expands. When I’ve asked women to take a deep breath during a coaching session, many will breathe strongly into their chest while pulling their bellies in and raising their shoulders up. Learn more at and

But this type of breathing creates tension and anxiety because it is connected to a primal instinct to raise our shoulders to protect our neck when we feel threatened. The media and popular culture have led many women to believe they are supposed to have a concave or toned belly. So many constrict their breath and keep their bellies sucked in. While the lungs don’t actually extend into the belly, the movement of the diaphragm naturally pushes the belly out. But instead of breathing into the belly, many women breathe into their chest. Some women will also avoid breathing into their bellies because they are trying to avoid the emotions and memories that are suppressed there. I sometimes have to spend a few sessions coaching a client to change her breathing pattern so as to help her improve her orgasmic experience. Belly breathing is especially important when it comes to orgasm. It charges the womb and genitals with energy. Breathing into your belly allows you to connect with your body and your femininity and feel your emotions more clearly. Deep breathing raises your level of consciousness and awareness and facilitates healing. I’ve even met a few women who are able to take a few deep breaths into their bellies and immediately orgasm. Sound is a crucial element for expanding your orgasmic experience, improving your sex life and empowering yourself as a woman. Sound is related to the throat chakra and, according to Tantra, women generally have less openness in this energy center than men. Even medical studies show more women than men experience problems with throat infections and their thyroid gland, which is located in the throat. Can you see the connection? Having a blockage in your throat chakra is related to a difficulty expressing yourself. This may be with your partner, in your social life or in your professional life. You may have challenges around expressing your feelings, needs, boundaries, emotions, thoughts, opinions and preferences. You might also have difficulty expressing yourself creatively and artistically. Sound is also related to the third chakra (the navel chakra or Manipura), which is connected to personal power. So expressing sounds also helps you connect to your own power. And this includes your orgasmic power. Self-reflection: Think about how you make love. Do you easily make sounds during lovemaking? Do you enjoy making sounds? Learn more at