not a huge pheromone difference

It is not a huge pheromone difference but there is a difference because in sexual teasing we are trying to basically use humor to introduce sexuality and the interaction. In my massive field of interaction and approaching over ten thousand women and sleeping with literally hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women, I can tell you that humor and sexual pheromones are the best ways to bring up sex. You have to bring up sex pheromones at a certain point between a man and a woman there is no other thing to talk about. Learn more at and

And at that point it is really important that you move the topic to sex, sexuality, you two, you tow liking each other, you two having some sort of a relationship whether it is just physical and one night or you know emotional and many years but you have to move to that subject and in my experience just trying to talk about sex out of the blue is not the best thing to do. Instead it is a good idea to start by making sexual jokes and making them about the girl and we will talk about how to do that because humor takes away the idea of the sexual threat. When a woman starts talking to a guy who she is attracted to, she is going to feel at a certain way like if he brings up sex pheromones or if she is interested or if she is a little threatened. You know safety is a real concern for girls and they don’t want to get raped etc etc. so she is going to feel kind of uncomfortable if you bring up sex too earlier on . Now is every girl going to feel uncomfortable? No girls are slutty and are down right away but most girls the majority whenever I talk about most girl or every girl or almost every girl there is always one – off s and there is always going to be into you or girls are not going to be into you but I try to keep my pheromone tactics and techniques on the majority of the woman that 80 % where they might kind of like you, they might kind of not, but they are not totally out and they are not totally in. So sexual pheormone teasing is what happens when we take flirty statements that are teases like I like you and then we add sexuality to them. We add a sexual element in. We add something that either talks about sex, talks about sex with her, talks about sex with us, you know etc etc. it is really the best way to start sexualizing the interaction because t her e i s no threat, it is funny . The girl laugh s but she is passively accepting you at the same time you talking about sex. Even if I say something benign like “ you know I am in my periods tonight so you know you are not getting any”. Now I have bought up sex and the girl now laughs and I have kind of introduced sex into the equation and the idea of she wants to have sex or we want to have sex without it being awkward or uncomfortable. Contrast that with me just saying”oh my God! Learn more at