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G-Spot Experience

Again, these internal orgasms for men and for women with the G-Spot accelerated experience are more cathartic than just a regular penile orgasm or a regular clitoral orgasm. Through anal play, you have to surrender. You can’t fake liking it because your body is going to give you feedback and that’s really good. We should… (read more)

Do a google search for Vigrx Plus

Do a google search for Vigrx Plus or something like that. And you’ll find a release in the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, years ago, talking about how niacin arrests and reverses multiple sclerosis in mice. Well you might say, “Well mice aren’t people”. Well, no they’re not. But mice are used all the time in… (read more)

more pleasure and become more orgasmic

Breath is a basic element that enables you to experience more pleasure and become more orgasmic. Breath is powerful. It carries oxygen and energy into the body and when it’s released, it carries stress out of the body. It can charge you up and rejuvenate you or relax and pacify you. Breath grounds you in… (read more)