You Cannot Stop Pheromone Attraction

You can literally not spend a day without seeing or hearing something that is sexually suggestive. And now research has shown that on average, a person is exposed to over 10,000 pheromone messages every single day … so we as a society, have really become desensitized to these sexually oriented suggestions and sexual references. In the twenty first century, sex is everywhere and sex is cheap. Sex has lost its value over the last hundred years.
It is no longer common place for the man and woman to wait till marriage to “ True Commitment from a man doesn’t come easily… There has to be a lot of existing attraction already in the relationship with human pheromones.”
I have sex pheromones. In fact, teenagers are having sex at a younger and younger age. You can trade money for sex. In fact, a whole new industry has emerged in the twenty first century called “sex tourism” . 
People travel to cheaper places in the world to have sex, at a place where their dollar is worth a lot and can lure needy and vulnerable locals in . The porn industry is the primary reason for the development of broadband technology! So the point of all this is that for most men, they can “get” sex readily at a very cheap price. Sex to most men, is no longer a mystery, no longer something that is rare. Even if they DO go ahead and seek it out fro m you. They still will seek it from you. But it doesn’t mean they will call you again afterwards. Simply because: ‘it’ (sex) by itself just wasn’t worth anything. Yet, attraction is due to pheromone production. Remember, whatever that is common place for pheromone production 
Whatever is rare and worthy , is highly valued and treasured. Attraction, true attraction is rare, and it is valued. So my point is; sex would never inspire most men to want to commit. On the other hand, you cannot buy attraction. You cannot go watch TV to feel true pheromone attraction. You cannot spend money and “get” true attraction. You can be the richest person on Earth and feel no attraction, and feel a lack of attractiveness. You cannot trade or buy attraction. And this is why attraction has maintained its intrinsic value, and it is an integral part of the commitment process in any relationship. The deep attraction ALONE, without sex, is enough to drive a man to want to commit to your pheromones. Learn more at and
That is the very nature of romantic love pheromones. Sex with that person is nice, but you just want to B E with that person. Sometimes, having sex with them feels cheap in comparison. A good example of this is what happened when Ryan Philippe finally got the chance to sleep with Reese Witherspoon in the movie Cruel Intentions. The movie is popular for a reason. It relates to people. And people relate to it. It’s not just a movie. Learn more at
You Cannot Stop Pheromone Attraction Think about this for a moment…Have you ever had a moment in your life, where you started to feel attraction for someone… but you knew you shouldn’t have ! In other words, you knew it was “wrong” to feel attraction for that particular personyou couldn’t stop yourself at the same time…