Classic Style of Custom Home Designing


When you are designing a new custom home along with your home designer, you would be tempted to go for trendy styles and patterns. Your friends, relatives or even your designer would also coerce you to go for trendy designs. But, it is a good idea to stay away from such trends as much as possible only because those trends turn out to be fads more often than not. Most of these trendy styles don’t stand the test of time. On the other hand, you should incorporate more of the classic finishes and styles into your home design. That is why you should interview the designer and the builder before hiring them just to make sure that their aesthetic sensibilities are more in touch with your expectations.

If you still want to bring in the latest trends and styles into the design of your new custom home, you can have a hybrid approach. You can mix and match classic and modern trendy styles. A good experienced custom home designer can help you achieve the balance and design the home the way you want.

Approaches to Follow for Custom Home Building

There are many ways to approach the custom home building process. You can hire an architect first and work with him on the design of the home. An architect normally takes a month to come up with the designs and plans for the custom home. Once the plans are ready, you can then hire the builder. The interior designer can be hired at the last once the construction is complete. But, for a more efficient job, it is not a bad idea to hire the interior designer in the beginning itself. While hiring the builder, it is of paramount importance to hire a builder who is a specialist in custom home construction. This is one approach.

Another approach is to hire a full team of architect, home designer, custom home builder, and the contractor. All of these professionals should be able to work comfortably with each other.

The first approach is the most commonly used one by homeowners around the world. But, it is not the most recommended approach as it can lead to frustrations. The second approach is a solid approach to be followed in case of custom home building.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Las Vegas


If you are choosing a custom home builder in Las Vegas, then you need to choose a building firm like Merlin which has vast experience in the construction industry. The building firm should have the capability and the human resource to handle the construction of homes of any type of complexity. It should be able to adapt to the design requirements of the client and the architect without any complaints.

The custom home building firm should have built a good number of homes in your neighborhood so that you can go and take a look at those homes yourself before deciding whether to hire the firm for your project or not. The firm should give importance to the requirements and tastes of the clients. It should stick to all the home construction standards in the neighborhood. It should also have experience in green building as that is the future of custom homes. It should not compromise on quality even a single bit. The cost should be reasonable. Of course, custom home building is an expensive endeavor, but the cost still be affordable enough.

Custom Homes Offer Flexibility


There are no predefined options and designs when it comes to building a custom home. The requirements and the design always keep changing. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to building a custom home.

The land where the custom home is going to be built would belong to you completely. You will not be sharing the land with other homeowners just like how it would happen in case of production homes or row houses. The whole land itself will be customized to suit the construction of your home.

The floor plans for the home can be designed from scratch without any dependence. You can hire a designer and a custom home builder who are dedicated to your project. You have to make sure that the designs that you choose are not too mainstream. Just like this, you have to sharpen your decision making abilities. Of course, if you hire a competent custom home builder, your job would be a lot easier. But still, you will have to be a lot more involved in the whole process of the construction of the home.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Plot for Custom Home

Finding a suitable plot of land is your primary job when you have decided to go for a custom home building project. The location should be perfect. There should be good views from your plot. If not, it would turn out to be a boring home.

Of course, the neighborhood of your custom home should be lively as well. There should be good schools in your neighborhood, your work location should be commutable from your home. It should have good connectivity with all of the transportation network in the city. There should be good restaurants and utility stores nearby. So, you need to consider these aspects as well while choosing your plot of land for the construction of your custom home.

You also need to decide for yourself if your home should be in a location where there is a homeowner’s association. Not all custom home owners would want to be a part of homeowner’s association. But, that can vary from person to person. But, there are some benefits in being a member of a homeowners’ association.

These are some of the factors to be considered while choosing a plot for a custom home.

Using Custom Home Builder for Plot Hunting

It is common for people to misunderstand the whole process of constructing a custom luxury home. Most people start by looking for the plot of land. Once they have bought the land, they will hire an architect. After that, they will start looking for a custom home builder for the construction of the home. This is not the ideal way to handle such a project. It is actually better to hire the builder first and then use the services of the builder to choose the plot of land. This would make sure that the whole process is smoother and faster and of course efficient.

Architects, designers and realtors would usually part of a good custom home building firm. They would have the infrastructure and the resources in place to help you identify the right plot of land for your custom home to be built on. You could actually end up saving a lot of money and time. You might not even know how to go about looking for the land. So, it is better to take the help of the builder.


Time Taken for a Custom Home Project

The thought of getting a new home building project can be really exciting for you as a homeowner. All of your family members can be really excited. The excitement can easily turn into overwhelm a few days into the project.

If you need to handle a demanding custom home development project without much problems, then you need to have proper clarity about the whole process of custom home building. You can read articles online about custom home building. You can also buy magazines and read them. You need to do all these before going to a custom home builder. The reason is that you need to be able to understand what the builder is talking about. You need to do thorough research before getting into the project.

You need the virtue of patience. If you cannot be patient, then never get into a custom home building project. You would end up becoming frustrated. Building a custom home is not as simple as building a production home which may get over in a matter of few months. But, a custom home project can take at least a year.


Hiring a Specialist Custom Home Builder

If you are a prospective home buyer with interest in custom homes, you need to first identify a builder who is a specialist in custom home construction. Any random home builder will not be able to handle a custom home project. Generally, it is a practice among low quality custom home builders wherein they go for modular construction. This is against the best practices of custom home building. So, when you interview a builder for hiring, you first need to ask him whether he does modular construction or not. It is important to rule out that possibility.

The custom home builder should immense experience in this field. He should have been in this business for at least 15 to 20 years. He should have constructed at least 100 custom homes.  The builder should be highly flexible to work with. There should not be any communication problems. Of course, the representatives of the construction firm should speak the same language as you. This requirement is implicit. There should not be any differences of opinion between you and the building firm.

Realizing a Dream Custom Home


Do you want to live in a special home with your family rather than a normal home? The, you need to go for an elite custom home. Each and every aspect of your home can be customized and personalized as per your preferences.

We might dream of building a great custom home with our own personal touch and features. But, turning that dream into a reality is not easy. Most people in USA dream of having their own custom home. But, more often than not, that dream doesn’t come true and most people end up living in ordinary homes. Worse yet, a lot of them keep living in rented homes without a property of their own.

Turning a dream custom home requires a lot of conviction and planning. For that, you need to first hire a very good custom home builder for which you need to do a lot of research. If you want to build an elite custom home in Las Vegas, then your search for a good custom home builder ends with Merlin. They are the best in the business in the whole city of Las Vegas.

Custom Home vs Normal Home

Buying a home is a costly affair. You have to research a lot about the place where you want the home, the latest trend in design, prices, information about loans and so on. Since buying a home is a big investment, you would want to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible so as to not regret later on. Your requirements in a home would be very unique and you would want to make sure that you get it spot on.

The common question that will arise in your mind is whether you want to go for a custom home or a regular built home. The answer is quite simple and straightforward. If you have the budget to spend and too particular about specifications of the home, you might as well go for a custom home. Normal homes are for those people who are constrained by their budget. They are for those people who wouldn’t want too many customizations. if you want a custom home and if you are living in the city of Las Vegas, you should hire a good custom home builder such as Merlin and get your project done.