A Custom Home Needs to Have Good Indoor Air Quality

In recent times, importance given to the air quality has increased multifold. This is especially true after the covid-19 pandemic which wreaked havoc throughout the world. So, people have started emphasizing more on indoor air quality even for a new custom home they are building. Custom home builders have to take special care to ensure that the indoor air quality is at the right level.

Ensuring indoor air quality is at the optimum level means that you need to be using the right kind of appliances at home which include the air conditioner and the humidifier as these work on the indoor air directly. The builder should carefully plan the windows and doors in the rooms to make sure that the ventilation is at its best. Lack of proper ventilation can lead to various diseases and disorders. Installing a centralized air filter has become a common trend in custom home projects these days.

The custom home builder should take into consideration all of the appliances including the air conditioner, humidifier, air filter and any other appliance which impacts air quality during the design phase itself.

How Should a Custom Home Builder Work?

If you want to make your custom home ideas a reality, you need to hire a builder who has the knowledge, passion and experience to pull it off. The builder should make the whole process of custom home building a memorable and straightforward experience. Otherwise, the whole thing can turn out to be stressful. The builder should be willing to work with you closely and guide you at all times.

The builder should plan the custom home project in such a way that the client feels involved in the project. There should be 100% transparency throughout the project. This is the only way to make sure that the home comes out exactly as per the expectations of the client. If not, the client would expect something and the home would be entirely different. This would lead to disappointments.

It is important to get site evaluation done on the plot of the land where the custom home is going to be built. Many people avoid this step just to save a few bucks. But, this is a crucial step which would save many hardships later on during the project. A good custom home builder would always insist on thorough site evaluation to be done before beginning the construction.

Importance of your Custom Home Builder and the Architect Working Together

Involving your custom home builder and the architect early in a custom home project and making them work together is the best approach. Whenever you interview them, you can initially interview them separately and analyze their skills individually. But once you have identified a builder and an architect after the initial screening process, it is better to have collaborative discussion just to check if they can work together without any reservations. A custom home development project is a collaborative project and you need to hire professionals who work well as a team.

Never make the mistake of not involving your builder during the design phase of the project. I have seen projects where the architect or the designer works on the designs and the floor plans. In some cases, the builder would be completely out of the picture and would come in only at a later stage when the architect has completely finished. This is not a recommended approach for a custom home project. Such an approach may work for a production home but certainly not for a custom home.

Some Useful Tips for Custom Home Building

A custom home building project can easily become a horror story if it is not handled carefully. We have all heard plenty of such stories before especially if a good builder is not hired. It is important to hire the whole team of builders, architect, designers and other contractors very early into the project. The team of professionals should have the right expertise and should be willing to collaborate together on the project. If they all belong to the same firm, then it is even better. You do not have work towards making them work together.

You need to choose your designs and options early. Probably, it is better to hire the custom home designer first and discuss the design options with him or her even before going to the builder and the architect. You may want to tour some of the nearby custom luxury homes in the locality. You have to be very clear in your budget. Being flexible with the budget may seem like a good idea. But, in case of a custom home project, it can lead to more expenses.

Some Ideas for Designing your Custom Home


As far as designing a custom home is concerned, you would want to design something that is unique. It should also have an aesthetic appeal. Achieving that balance is not such an easy task. But professional custom home builders like Merlin can definitely do it. Hence, you have to be careful in hiring your builder.

Design of windows is an important part of modern custom homes. Gone are the days when windows were merely designed for functional purposes. Nowadays, windows have become an integral part of the overall home design. The number of windows in your home also play an important role. Higher the number of windows, better would be the ventilation and natural lighting within the house during the day time.

You could also opt for different design ideas such as freefall design. On that note, you can go for roofs which extend, canopies which stretch and ledges which are hanging. Such design would definitely make your home look different even from the exterior. At the same time, the outdoor area should be designed such that it blends really well with the surroundings.


Classic Style of Custom Home Designing


When you are designing a new custom home along with your home designer, you would be tempted to go for trendy styles and patterns. Your friends, relatives or even your designer would also coerce you to go for trendy designs. But, it is a good idea to stay away from such trends as much as possible only because those trends turn out to be fads more often than not. Most of these trendy styles don’t stand the test of time. On the other hand, you should incorporate more of the classic finishes and styles into your home design. That is why you should interview the designer and the builder before hiring them just to make sure that their aesthetic sensibilities are more in touch with your expectations.

If you still want to bring in the latest trends and styles into the design of your new custom home, you can have a hybrid approach. You can mix and match classic and modern trendy styles. A good experienced custom home designer can help you achieve the balance and design the home the way you want.

Approaches to Follow for Custom Home Building

There are many ways to approach the custom home building process. You can hire an architect first and work with him on the design of the home. An architect normally takes a month to come up with the designs and plans for the custom home. Once the plans are ready, you can then hire the builder. The interior designer can be hired at the last once the construction is complete. But, for a more efficient job, it is not a bad idea to hire the interior designer in the beginning itself. While hiring the builder, it is of paramount importance to hire a builder who is a specialist in custom home construction. This is one approach.

Another approach is to hire a full team of architect, home designer, custom home builder, and the contractor. All of these professionals should be able to work comfortably with each other.

The first approach is the most commonly used one by homeowners around the world. But, it is not the most recommended approach as it can lead to frustrations. The second approach is a solid approach to be followed in case of custom home building.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder in Las Vegas


If you are choosing a custom home builder in Las Vegas, then you need to choose a building firm like Merlin which has vast experience in the construction industry. The building firm should have the capability and the human resource to handle the construction of homes of any type of complexity. It should be able to adapt to the design requirements of the client and the architect without any complaints.

The custom home building firm should have built a good number of homes in your neighborhood so that you can go and take a look at those homes yourself before deciding whether to hire the firm for your project or not. The firm should give importance to the requirements and tastes of the clients. It should stick to all the home construction standards in the neighborhood. It should also have experience in green building as that is the future of custom homes. It should not compromise on quality even a single bit. The cost should be reasonable. Of course, custom home building is an expensive endeavor, but the cost still be affordable enough.

Custom Homes Offer Flexibility


There are no predefined options and designs when it comes to building a custom home. The requirements and the design always keep changing. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to building a custom home.

The land where the custom home is going to be built would belong to you completely. You will not be sharing the land with other homeowners just like how it would happen in case of production homes or row houses. The whole land itself will be customized to suit the construction of your home.

The floor plans for the home can be designed from scratch without any dependence. You can hire a designer and a custom home builder who are dedicated to your project. You have to make sure that the designs that you choose are not too mainstream. Just like this, you have to sharpen your decision making abilities. Of course, if you hire a competent custom home builder, your job would be a lot easier. But still, you will have to be a lot more involved in the whole process of the construction of the home.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Plot for Custom Home

Finding a suitable plot of land is your primary job when you have decided to go for a custom home building project. The location should be perfect. There should be good views from your plot. If not, it would turn out to be a boring home.

Of course, the neighborhood of your custom home should be lively as well. There should be good schools in your neighborhood, your work location should be commutable from your home. It should have good connectivity with all of the transportation network in the city. There should be good restaurants and utility stores nearby. So, you need to consider these aspects as well while choosing your plot of land for the construction of your custom home.

You also need to decide for yourself if your home should be in a location where there is a homeowner’s association. Not all custom home owners would want to be a part of homeowner’s association. But, that can vary from person to person. But, there are some benefits in being a member of a homeowners’ association.

These are some of the factors to be considered while choosing a plot for a custom home.