Some Ideas for Designing your Custom Home


As far as designing a custom home is concerned, you would want to design something that is unique. It should also have an aesthetic appeal. Achieving that balance is not such an easy task. But professional custom home builders like Merlin can definitely do it. Hence, you have to be careful in hiring your builder.

Design of windows is an important part of modern custom homes. Gone are the days when windows were merely designed for functional purposes. Nowadays, windows have become an integral part of the overall home design. The number of windows in your home also play an important role. Higher the number of windows, better would be the ventilation and natural lighting within the house during the day time.

You could also opt for different design ideas such as freefall design. On that note, you can go for roofs which extend, canopies which stretch and ledges which are hanging. Such design would definitely make your home look different even from the exterior. At the same time, the outdoor area should be designed such that it blends really well with the surroundings.