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How Should a Custom Home Builder Work?

If you want to make your custom home ideas a reality, you need to hire a builder who has the knowledge, passion and experience to pull it off. The builder should make the whole process of custom home building a memorable and straightforward experience. Otherwise, the whole thing can turn out to be stressful. The… (read more)

Importance of your Custom Home Builder and the Architect Working Together

Involving your custom home builder and the architect early in a custom home project and making them work together is the best approach. Whenever you interview them, you can initially interview them separately and analyze their skills individually. But once you have identified a builder and an architect after the initial screening process, it is… (read more)

Using Custom Home Builder for Plot Hunting

It is common for people to misunderstand the whole process of constructing a custom luxury home. Most people start by looking for the plot of land. Once they have bought the land, they will hire an architect. After that, they will start looking for a custom home builder for the construction of the home. This… (read more)